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Reality Resume Network is a platform designed initially to assist the modern job seeker find a career option with companies who truly Do Not Judge! Meaning some criminal history is accepted based on industry standards, (like no exdruglords working in a pharmacy, even though they would do the best job...think about it)

Also Reality Resume Network is a supporter of the earth green movement so user friendly Enterprises are Our Welcomed guests and Ideal recruiters.

Recently we have been toying with a new division geared towards Reality Show Personalities who appear as themselves in multiple Shows. Let us know?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Who Requires a House Manager?

I would guess YOU DO otherwise you would have never opened this posting...

So here is a Lead!

 Our Team members are Specialty Urban Niche market Home Managers with over 10 years experience. Our  niche MARKET being Urban Entertainers and Professional Athletes . Now available 2 of our Top Team members for Weekly (Tuesday-Thursday) or Weekend (Friday- Sunday) Contracts. see end of posting for Bios

  • Salary depending on Needs of Client
  • Month to Month Pro-Rated Contracts Only
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Atlanta's Best Hidden Secret
If you are not sure if a House Manager is what you need to bring some Comfort into your life...see description below

Similar to the Estate Manager, the House Manager has a very broad range of skills and knowledge. Backgrounds range from Hotel and Restaurant Management to formal Butler school training. Others simply "fall" into the field by helping out a friend of the family at their home or crossing over from an assistant or nanny position. Many homes require only part-time help to ease the burden of the owners' busy schedules, but most families quickly realize the value of having a full-time person. Like all positions, the family's service needs and property size will dictate the duties and level of formality for the Butler / House Manager. Useful traits include:
•Office or restaurant management and service skills. (More formal background or schooling depending on the household.)
•Broad knowledge of household items and their care.
•Good social skills and personnel management.
•Business and technology capability including computers and accounting.
•Leadership and motivation skills.
•Independent and team project management.
•Problem solving and "get it done" attitude. Very "hands-on" and ready to pitch in.
•Very resourceful, quickly learns the how and where to get things done in the local area.
•Negotiating and supervisory skills for outside contractors and other staff.

Again, the right person for the job will be adaptable to the standards and desires of the employer. Less formal households may choose to hire someone with related skills simply because they like their personality and can be trusted, while a more formal, larger organization will tend toward an extremely seasoned and perhaps formally schooled candidate. The Estate Manager or the owners themselves will sometimes be able to train the House Manager on the necessary and specific procedures of the home. In most cases, however, a well trained House Manager with years of experience in similar households is the only consideration.
information gathered from: http://dpnonline.com/employers/articles/job-descriptions-and-functions-butler-house-manager

Current Contracts Available


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Talk to me...

  • Good Day , Here is what we Do when communicating with You!
  • Today
  • 9:10am
    Irma Brown

    Thinking about doing some acting....seems really easy to get in. Give me some insight mommie cita

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    Sis, i cant really give you much insite besides GO HARD or Go HOME! These are things i have heard from experts...If you are in the market to expand your talents. Build your resume. Take all free classes, seminars ect that you can. keep a record.
    Network! Network! network!
    And study the Art of being and Artist!
    Im still learning sis.. and when you get on, Hook a sis up with and Audition.
    Oh and the best way to find out is this.. Set yourself an appointment with some mid-level talent agencys. they will interview you, be brutally honest and some even help you to be able to get into and audition. At least 3 within the same week so you can have a good overview of what you should do next.
    love Ya Irma! GoTeam create Your dream in 2013!

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    and the shit is not easy at all! You have moments when you just knew the part was yours and you dont get it! there are times when you feel like giving up but this one last audition could be it! Its a never ending search for the next opportunity, and never ending practice session. Think if you are always playing someone else, when can you be yourself. unless you get the best part ever, which is playing the role of yourslef as yourslef...

  • Irma Brown


  • Irma Brown

    How to i find the places to get the interviews

    How to i find the places to get the interviews

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    THEN LOoK AT THEIR SITES AND SEE THE TALENT WHICH THEY REPRESENT, because every agency had its own individual branding based on the TALENT it represents , so you have to review their talents look at their pictures, their bios and see if you can fit into their branding, for example, the same talent agent which handles someone extreme like Jonny depp probably would not represent a more suddle actor like Tatum Channing, action vs extreme Drama and comedy...ya feel me, i dont know if they have the same agents but you get the gist of what im saying right...

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    once you find the ones you want to contact. look on their sites to see how and when they are holding open calls. because you have to audition into an agent also. and they normally have set times in the year when they are taking on new talent. and do you have a semi resume? Acting resume has a different format.. leonardo di Caprios resume can be found online. its a good example of a nice format to copy.

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    Now Irma.. because we go Waaaay Back to juicy mooshu,, im not charging you for this consultation. GoTeam Prospectors & Connectors make sure if you know others who need info and hook ups you refer them to me .. also when you get that resume together I will add it to my website strictly for actors The Reality resume network! LOVE YOU!

  • Irma Brown

    AWww i loves ya thanks so much. Will do!!!! Ill get on the resume asap

  • Sherreka GoTeam Crenshaw

    imma use this conversation exactly as it is on my website right now. do you or do younot want your name included?