What is This About?

Well let me Answer that question for you...

Reality Resume Network is a platform designed initially to assist the modern job seeker find a career option with companies who truly Do Not Judge! Meaning some criminal history is accepted based on industry standards, (like no exdruglords working in a pharmacy, even though they would do the best job...think about it)

Also Reality Resume Network is a supporter of the earth green movement so user friendly Enterprises are Our Welcomed guests and Ideal recruiters.

Recently we have been toying with a new division geared towards Reality Show Personalities who appear as themselves in multiple Shows. Let us know?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

LIVE TheGoTeamLife!: Stay Home for What!

LIVE TheGoTeamLife!: Stay Home for What!:                                                             CLICK HERE FOR INFO Be Exposed to A Whole New Territory, Target Market an...

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